Just like I did w/ my previous #TBT post, I'm gonna start jumping on THE WELL LA blog from time to time to drop some knowledge + photos + vids.  Enjoy these brain farts from a fun day/night/whatever.  Thanks for letting me hijack the blog again buds!

So, I went to see Boys Noize do his first LIVE LA show of this year at the Mayan on October 5, 2016...

OK... before we get to how fucking tite the video is above... I gotta give u a lil backstory on me and Boys Noize (also a lifelong bud of The Well LA... psst check out the upcoming #TBTs!)... So yeah, basically I started off as a fan, seeing him play for the first time at Franki's party way back in 2007 and seeing him as the non-French hope for the Electroclash boom that was goin on back then... then after a chance meeting of homies at my crib to watch the 2010 World Cup at my old crib, Alex Boys Noize and I became pretty close homies for the last 6 or 7 years now.  Damn.  But yeah, we have been homies for a while and he has always been cool with me filming his shit, so of course I said YES, when he asked me to roll through and document his BRAND NEW LIVE SHOW FULL RIG SETUP WHATTTTT!!! 

So, yeah, lemme explain what's up w/ Boys Noize's new LIVE show too... This fool showed me way back when that he was designing a NEW LIVE SHOW that would be more industrial in design and have a way for his silhouette and the amazing visuals from the legendary $U$ BOY do the talking when his megamixes of all his old and current hits meshed into one big symphonic stew of TITENESS.  Alex told me about a year ago and then on Wednesday, I saw that bitch come to life.  That shit was amazing and it was one of those shows that reminds you how much a good, well thought out LIVE show could be when you focus on what's important and cut out all that EDM glity bullshit.  I'm all about the REAL... and this shit was fucking REAL. This is what I wanted.  This is what I got.  TRICK.

Here's a shitty photo I took while balancing a video camera w/ my other hand...

Here's a shitty photo I took while balancing a video camera w/ my other hand...

So, yeah, the show was fuckin tite.  I mean, like I told my friends that I wished I was 10 years younger and rolling on E, b/c it just had that vibe that made me feel just happy that shows like this still exist where it's the perfect balance of 25% Dance Music 25% Visuals 25% Vibes 25% Buds = 100 Excellent Percent.  Sorry for taking so long to post this, but I went through the videos with Alex this past Sunday to make sure that I didn't give away too much of his show and just provided enough teasers to make you get off your ass and see this shit LIVE the next time it's around. 

I begged Alex to let me post up this recording of him playing 2 LIVE b/c I was around the studio when he was creating it with Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaur last year and it was one of those songs that you would hum in the shower... then realize that the hummed version was the only one you would have until a year later when the record comes out.  So, yeah, from hummed version in my head to full-blown sensory overload version at the Mayan.  BOOM.

At this point of the show, I'm just like, I NEED to get closer to the action.  So I Ninja Lurked up closer to get a bit more of the vibes from the front and just help y'all get a better feel for the action.  I'm sorry if my phone couldn't respond at this time but yeah I was fuckin busy enjoying the old and the new mixed into the newest. 

So, this is the last video I'm gonna post from the LIVE set b/c I want you to see it up close and don't wanna give away some of the surprises for those that see it up close ;)  BUT... this video is fucking awesome b/c it's META AF.  Lemme explain... I shot some footage awhile back of Alex and his GOONS setting up for the MAYDAY album release party that went down on April Fool's Day this year... And As I was watching the Live show, I just saw a bunch of footage of the masked goons that I shot make it into the LIVE show.  So, yeah I'm double proud of this video b/c I'm now a part of the onstage content lol.  So Tite.

Now... we move onto the BUDS section.  I really wanted to emphasize how tight our circle of buds are that continue to support each other when they are killing it and making sure the vibes stay real. Much love to the following in the slideshow b/c this post is more about the vids then the flix lol. Here are some rad buds and fans that came to support. 

HARD BLOOD DOGS: BoysNoizen, GRDestructo, Skrilly

HARD BLOOD DOGS: BoysNoizen, GRDestructo, Skrilly

So, Boys Noize absolutely shredded The Mayan on Wednesday... then after having such a rad time... we got a call from Lee from Babylon and since they were gonna be doing some top secret project coming up soon... they decided to do a little hype function together... so here's some {flame emoji} BONUS BABYLON BOYS NOIZE DESTRUCTION {flame emoji}...

The random free 18+ function went down on Sunday, October 9, 2016...

I'm gonna run through this shit quick b/c I didn't wanna take too much heat off of the LIVE show awesomeness.. but this function was pretty ill b/c it was random and we didn't know 700+ kids would wanna roll to a spot that could only hold like 400 people max.  Thx again to Conrad at Union for hooking it up on the last minute tho!  

So yeah, this function had a bunch of homies roll thru on the VERY LAS MINUTE b/c we just decided to throw it... S/O D33J for DJing earlier, but I was stoned to get any good vids :( ... but I did sober up to catch another homie tho... SUPERSTAR DJ AKA BOOMERANG BAE AKA ALISON WONDERLAND rolled through and brought her A-Game to an unsuspecting crowd of kids that just wanted to party on a Sunday at the last minute.  BABYLON AND BOYS NOIZE SHIT

And then it was back to Berghain Techno mode... damn this bitch went down on a Sunday on last minute notice and it fuckin ended up lookin like a Boiler Room lol.  Shit was amazing and it was a testament to how much fire Boys Noize wanted to bring to his "second home."  


So... there's ANOTHER batch of fire vids of the homies killing it... and guess what, it was fucking tiring haha. But... I got a lot of love for the homies that do shit like this and I just wanted to once again leave a gallery of homies to remember the dope ones from the epic night of random shit.  

Thanks again buds for living vicariously through my small eyes.  Til next time...