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Steve Aoki's "ILYSM" and "Dope Girlz" Videos: Styled by The Well

Steve Aoki has begun to deliver his 4OKI project; a 4-track EP representing a "dark, club-oriented sound," unlike the main stage bangers the Dim Mak label boss has been known for. The first of the four video revealsall styled by The Wellaccompanies a collaborative effort between Aoki and Autoerotique titled "ILYSM." The sultry and suggestive music video stars model Shaun Ross and his interest, "Mary," navigating the LA underground.

The second installment of the 4OKI project is titled "Dope Girlz," a bass-house collaboration with Canada's Shaun Frank. The cinematic series features pieces from Dim Mak's collection and Frenemy, along with The Well's signature line. "Dope Girlz" was premiered via Harper's Bazaar, a fitting conduit for the fashion-forward video.

Fans can expect another video from 4OKI out next week, with the fourth and final installation on July 29.