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VenessaMichaels is a 90's Girl in a Modern World

VenessaMichaels is Los Angeles' ultimate 90's kid: Inspired by 90's fashion, music, cartoons, and culture, her #2090 brand fuses the #tbt charm of decades past with modern twists from today. Venessa dropped by The Well to check out the shop and salon, and to snap a couple pics and have a chat for the blog. With a promising career and a series of original track releases already in motion, the local musician is exactly the type of artist that deserves some recognition.

The outfits shown in the trio of edgy and colorful photos were co-styled by Venessa herself and photographer Kathryn Gosik, the artistic eye behind Lost on Mars. Hair twists reminiscent of fun 90's style were done in-house by The Well's very own stylist RosieLucia

Venessa's interest in music influences her style choices, and vice versa. "They go hand in hand. I’ve always been obsessed with Aaliyah's look and the 90’s. Gwen Stefani is a big influence too." And when she describes her personal style, she says, "I’m a big fan of either simple or extreme."

Family support played a huge role in Venessa's decision to pursue DJing and electronic music production. When she was 17, her mother suggested she pick up DJing because she had witnessed Venessa toying with Apple’s Garage Band app and digital production software, Logic. Even before that, Venessa played piano from the age of three and classical guitar from the age of five. “I used to write songs when I was 14 on guitar and I wrote them down. And they’re so funny, like I wrote songs that I thought were relevant to life and keeping your head up.” And when asked if these adolescent artistic endeavors would still be cool in present-day? She says: Not so much. “They’re super embarrassing.”