Steve Aoki's "Bring the Funk Back" and "Kids" Videos: Styled by The Well

Steve Aoki completes his 4OKI series with his final two video releases. Chapter 3, “Bring the Funk Back,” is a funky, future bass collaboration with Reid Stefan. The video features mesmerizing dance choreography and an exciting party sequence, DJ’d by Aoki himself. Characters from the series return in a warped reality according to an overly intoxicated partygoer.

In the chapter 4 finale, Aoki teams up with MORTEN for “Kids,” a bassy, electro track that was premiered by The Wall Street Journal. Aoki spoke with the publication to clairfy that each video in the series doesn't necessarily follow a linear timeline. He says, “They’re all co-existing at the same time and intersect in the same place.”  Each video was directed by David "Yarvo" Yarovesky and styled by The Well with items from Dim Mak’s collection, Frenemy, and The Well’s own signature line. Check out both videos above.