Allison Sees No Evil at FYF

Allison Sees No Evil at FYF

Just like I did w/ my previous #TBT post, I'm gonna start jumping on THE WELL LA blog from time to time to drop some knowledge + photos + vids.  Enjoy these brain farts from a fun day/night/whatever.  Thanks for letting me hijack the blog again buds!

So, I went to both days of #FYF 2016 on August 27-28th, 2016... 

Ahhh, LA in the summertime is rad b/c it's the season of more and more music fests thrown by the homies and all of the rad food, music, and vibes that come along with it.  This time around, I checked out #FYF which was happening right outside the LA Sports Arena (where a certain epic Robot duo lit the place on fire in 2007), and decided to bring along some cameras to share with y'all what I saw and felt on both days of the fest.

Well... once again... I shot a bunch of stuff (but not as much as HSMF 2016 lol), so I'm gonna start off w/ dat self-promotional banner again to click and find ur fav vids.  So.. CLICK THIS BIG GLENJAMN THING TO GO THE YOUTUBE TREASURE TROVE...

Click this bitch

Click this bitch

Another tite thing about #FYF was that I wasn't actually working the fest! So, I got to chill like any other normal AZN festival goer (packed w/ a Ricoh and Canon Vixia lol).   Even when I roll to a festival to "chill" it still involves me recording whatever tite moment that happens in front of me.  OK, enough blah blah, here are da highlights:



Yep. I've known Michael and Tyler for a minute now...I mean like ever since they played together as the Young Americans before Bowie's peeps started hitting them to changeup their name (damn, this shit's not even on their Wiki).  So, yeah, aside from going way back, we have been good homies that have always supported each other whenever we did our thang.  When I was experimenting w/ light/slow-shutter photography back in 2008, I took a rad photo of the Classixx boys and they ended up using it as their first press photo after they changed their names... anyhow, we go way back.  So when I hit them up out of the blue asking for a pass for #FYF, they laced me with an artist pass.  These things do not get unnoticed w/ me, so I am giving them a shoutout first in this blog recap thingy.  Also, their set was super tite on such a lovely sunny day in LA, so they were killing it on all levels.  Love ya T&M.


According to the King, "it was TDE night."  Why do I keep calling him the King? B/C he is.  He runs LA for this next generation and I fuck with all of his old hits to his new hits.  I never met the dude and I don't ever plan to, but he is a once in a lifetime artist that just always pushes his shit to the next level each time, no matter how redundant it is to type it right now.  He's just too good.  And he's born and raised in LA just like me.  And he reps for his homies like Jay Rock and Isaiah Rashad and Schoolboy Q and all the other young LA dogs that are hungry to take over whatever the Doctor left for them.  I stayed for the entire set b/c I wanted to pay my respects to one of the best, no matter how old he is. 

PS: Peep the Bill O'Reilly LIVE remix that PhilRuss and I made for Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe (at 2:30 in vid)...

3) I smoked a cigarette next to Guy-Man from Daft Punk

Humble brag.  No pictures or video.  It just happened while we were both in the artist area next to the SAGE truck and we just said sup to each other.  So, yeah, he was there.


OK, Kelela's performance was tite as fuck.  The vocals were amazing, the beats were fuckin tite and she just knew how to hold it all together.  After speaking to a bunch of homies that went to the fest, they kept saying that they felt bad they didn't make it out to see her set... but I just responded, "I went... and I had my camera, so I got y'all."  Yes, I'm quoting something I said, but whatever, I recorded it for the homies to enjoy what they missed (even though it doesn't do it justice to having seen it live).  Anyways, I think Kelela killed it, and on a side note, I never knew the girl I went to random strip clubs in Atlanta last year (when Afropunk got cancelled last minute in ATL) was such a phenomenal artist.  Anyways, that ATL story is for another time...


Just like how Kendrick is holding it down for Compton on behalf of Dre... Vince Staples is doing the same thing for the LBC via his big homie, Snoop. Vince just did that Prima Donna EP and that shit was fire.  And he also helped on my homies, With you.'s track, Ghost... so that shows that he gets down with the familia.  But yeah, I am down for the youth to come and take the legacy shit seriously when it comes to repping your home.  This dude is killing it. 


Yeah yeah yeah, I know that Tame Impala is one of the biggest bands out there... but I'm sorry that I never got to see them til now.  I admit that I am not always up-to-date w/ all the bands that are playing b/c sometimes I get caught up in DJ Land... so whateves, but I saw these Australians shred and fuck shit up live this time and allllllll the girls knew the words to the songs.  So, I guess they are killin it.  Congrats again Australia.  


If you know anything about French Electronica... then you know about AIR aka these 2 dudes from Versailles playing my 2 favorite songs from them.  These dudes are legends and man, I was working so hard to make sure my arms didn't get too tired from holding the cam straight to get these legendary jams.


So, one of my favorite all-time bands played at #FYF, HOT CHIP.  I was running around the fest so much that I didn't get to see more than 15 minutes of these awesome dudes' set, but I DID get this magical moment of them paying tribute to the PURPLE ONE.  What a rad moment.  PS: If you read this Joe Goddard, I hope you are doin well and sorry didn't get a chance to say sup to you homie.

So yup. Day 1. Over. On to a little bit of sleep and then a very chilllll...



Yeah, we all know that Dev Hynes aka Blood Orange is super-human-talented-as-fuck.  He can play guitar, sing, write songs, I think I saw him play a digital clarinet once... whatever... this fool was born with that gift of music.  Anyways, I rolled to the last portion of his set b/c I started off my Sunday by agreeing to house-sit my friends' crib while they are off to Burning Man and chilling with their dog.  So, yeah, but I caught some of Dev's brilliance on cam so that I could listen to it when I'm less sweaty and in the sun.  Plus he was nice enough to take a photo next to my Orange Juice. 

Ohhh Blood Orange...

Ohhh Blood Orange...


The path to free drinks and snacks

The path to free drinks and snacks

So, I spent a large chunk of #FYF Day 2 doing a bunch of mooching free drinks at the open bar at this Spotify artist lounge thingy and drinking Juiceros left and right.  S/O to the homegirl, Natology for showing me and Hodgy Beats around the wonderland of free swag and vibes.  


She once rode alongside Conan The Destroyer.  She also once tried to smash James Bond.  She also was an icon of music and fashion and effortless free-spirited vibes.  And here is a very short clip of her singing Amazing Grace b/c I thought it was an amazingly meta moment.


So, I wasn't as excited about the bands at the fest this year as much as Mr. Jeffery and others changing the landscape of Hip-Hop music.  Ever since I listened to Thugger do his song "Treasure." Any dude that could flip the verse and speed and tone and vibe of a song with his voice and ad libs the way he did with "Treasure"... man I was down then and I'm still down as Jeffery does his own thing.  Even his album cover, where he donned an Alessandro Trincone dress, showed that he didn't give a fuck about conventional gangster rap norms and shit.  This is a part of why I fuck with him.  I also fuck with him b/c he is a phenomenal rapper.  I just wished the crowd had showed a little more enthusiasm too ;)


First off, sorry to all the LCD Soundsystem fans... I love them but I had seen them a bunch before and I wanted to catch some new shit and not be in a sea of white people jk.  Anyhow, I really really really fuck w/ RAE SREMMURD b/c they are GREAT PERFORMERS live, they get the audience really turnt, and they have a shit ton of HITS.  I remember when these kids came up on the scene w/ "No Flex" then worked really really really hard until they achieved full SREMMLIFE potential.  I didn't believe it, but I think the Rae Sremmurd fans had the best energy in the crowd at #FYF this year.  Quote me.


SO YEAH. Those were some tite moments via vids.  Here are a bunch of photos in a module thingy for you to enjoy.  They are only shots of the homies.  So there.

OK, I had a blast at the fest with all the music and homies and vibes... but before I turned down, I wanted to leave you with a little funny story that happened after Day 1.

My new best friend, Dara

My new best friend, Dara

So... the dude above is named Dara.  Why am I ending this entire post with a picture of this dude?  Well, Dara is a very special dude.  Here's why... So, when I left for #FYF, I took a Lyft Line, you know those rides where you pick up a stranger along the way to a common destination, etc... Anyhow, I shared a ride with some dude to the fest and got along and talked and then we parted ways once we got to #FYF.  Then let's cut to after a bunch of hours walking around the fest, exiting the fest, and realizing that the Metro situation to leave the fest to just an Uber/Lyft was NOT HAPPENING.  So... like the cheap AZN that I am, I just decided to hoof it up Vermont for like 8 blocks to try and see if I could find a car that would finally pick me up on their app.  Well, nope, actually my phone was now dead and I couldn't even hail a car in DEEP Exposition side of LA.  So... I just say fuck it and keeeeep walking til I find a payphone or something... anyhow, as I walk my 9th block up Vermont, I hear someone behind me go, "Glen?" and then I turn around... AND IT'S THE DUDE I SHARED A LYFT TO THE FEST WITH!!! So, yeah this is Dara and he saved my life and picked up the SURGE price tab back to Silverlake and I bought him a burrito in return.  Then I charged my phone in the car and we exchanged info.  So, yeah... Dara is the homie for life now. 


Crazy right? Aite, I'm crashing.