#FBF: Egyptian Lover’s Pre-Wavey Interview

Greg Broussard made a legendary name for himself as Egyptian Lover, the 808-loving freaky-funky musician who carried his sound from the 80’s until now. On July 4, he’ll man the decks at Wavey, where he promises to give us a blast from the past with an updated twist. Check out some words from the man himself ahead of his Skybar performance this coming Monday:

Are there elements of the dance music scene or DJ culture that have been lost since you started that you wish would come back?

Yes, I wish people would dance again and stop with the phones already. If you are at the party, why not have some fun? You don't want someone recording you while you dance. Put the phones away and have a good time. Dance and enjoy your night out on the town. I played a club where phones were not allowed and people were dancing and talking and having a good time like the old days. I wish more clubs did this so we can enjoy our nights again. Who wants their private party life all over the Internet? No one! Get real: Put the phones away and dance your night away. 

What was your favorite aspect of the 80’s dance music scene? 

The best part of the 80's music scene was everything was new and fun. There were some good songs that came out then that will last forever. Rap had just started to get popular in 1980 after “Rapper's Delight” in 1979 and many rappers were doing their thing to rock the party or get their point across. I chose to be freaky like Prince but with a rhythm like Planet Rock and Kraftwerk. While DJing for Uncle Jam's Army, those uptempo Planet Rock beats filled the dance floor and kept people moving. It was a dream to DJ back then. I still play those records today. I guess I'm stuck in the 80's.

For your Wavey set, will you play a lot of #FBF music or do you like to choose newer tracks? Or is it a mix of both?

I'm playing only the old school 80's jams like Planet Rock (backwards), Electric Kingdom, and jams like that. The only new songs I play are new songs I have made that sound like my old songs from my album entitled 1984. I recorded it the same way I recorded my first album in 1984. It has those beats that make you dance. I will also be playing my 808, and that always gets the crowed going. I'm strictly an old school DJ playing old school music to show the new generation how we used to do it.